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Family Day @ Douglass Park

Arte Libre VA facilitated its first community mural project at Family Day in 2019, so this organization and event is near and dear to ALVA.  Family Day at Douglass Park was first organized in the early 1970's to unite black families & their neighbors. The annual event continues to bring the north end community together for a weekend of free fun and entertainment.  Arte Libre VA has facilitated three community murals over the past three years at Family Day.  In 2021 Arte Libre VA also sponsored a BIPOC artist to paint live at the music stage throughout the event.  This effort highlights the importance and existence of working artists of color, the importance of the arts as a cornerstone of community and culture, as well as the importance of paying working artists for their time and talent while simultaneously modeling for the community how to equitably approach and engage working artists. 

Family Day 2019


Family Day 2020

Family Day 2021

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