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Arte Libre VA empowers Latinx, Black, and Youth of Color through equitable access to quality arts education and programming.


The arts are vitally important to a young person’s development and fundamental education.  The arts heal, inspire, encourage, empower and bring joy.  As creatives and culture makers are helping to shape the next generation of innovators, artists and leaders, oftentimes Youth of Color are not able to access the same art opportunities.  Access to the arts is extremely important for Youth, but arts programming for Youth is not always equitable.  To navigate and overcome this inequity in access, Arte Libre VA will use a mobile art studio, the Artmobile, to provide quality arts education and programming to Youth of Color in their own communities, tuition free.


Arte Libre VA’s purpose is to provide equitable access to the arts for Youth of Color.  To achieve this goal, Arte Libre VA will obtain a vehicle to transform into a mobile art studio.  Using an Artmobile and offering all programming tuition free solves the problem and challenge of limited geographical and financial access to quality art instruction for Youth of Color.  With the Artmobile, Arte Libre VA will be able to meet the students in their own communities, offering equitable opportunity for Youth of Color to access the arts.

At Arte Libre VA, we believe that ART is for EVERYONE!  

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