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Guardians of the Arts

Are you interested in volunteering with Arte Libre VA?  

We are always looking for folx who love the arts and want to help ensure that the arts are truly for everyone.  At Arte Libre VA we work to break down and eliminate barriers youth experience to accessing the arts, which we believe should be a universal human right.  Our mission is to empower Latinx, Black, and Youth of Color through equitable access to quality arts education and programming.  

Sign up today to volunteer with Arte Libre VA and you will join our team of warriors supporting, defending, and advocating for equitable access to the arts: the Guardians of the Arts!  

We have many volunteer opportunities available year-round including workshops, outreach events, and summer camps.  Once we have your information, we will email you with upcoming volunteer opportunities.  We welcome both adult and youth volunteers to apply.

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Guardian of the Arts!  ¡Adelante! 

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